Changes Are Coming to National Twilight Night

ntn-logoA plan is currently being worked to restructure the National Twilight Night organization to better serve the NTN Loft group as well as the overall organization.

As National Twilight Night has evolved over the last years, the group’s direction has certainly changed.  So, instead of letting the organization “run its course” and disappear, the NTN President has come up with a way that would not only sustain the group and its purpose, but to also develop and expand it to another level all while shifting its focus.

Today, National Twilight Night’s President has submitted a proposal idea to the NTN Board for their review and vote.  The proposal details the changes for the NTN Sisterhood and NTN Loft that would make for a better organization while changing the focus and direction.

NTN President is hopeful she’ll receive the support needed to make it happen.  With a lot of thought into this proposal for change, the NTN President is confident this will be good change for National Twilight Night and will be a better opportunity to govern the organization.

So, as soon as the NTN Board of Directors, vote and a final decision is rendered the changes will be announced to the organization and its followers.


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