NTN Gratitude – How Thankful We Are!

The night of Friday February 6th, National Twilight Night’s “Spread the Warmth” campaign officially concluded with an event drawing.  All who were contributors of the campaign by sponsoring blankets for the homeless were automatically entered into drawing.  And, the drawing has concluded; resulting in two winners from the NTN Loft – Ms. Angela Patrick and Mr. Javier Naylor.

Angela one first place and will receive a $50 Amazon e-gift card. And, as a surprise bonus, NTN awarded the person who sponsored the most blankets, which was Javier Naylor!  He sponsored 24 blankets!!

The drawing was a live event taking place via the Tinychat, a video chat tool.

National Twilight Night, Inc. would like to thank ALL sponsors of this charity initiative. We can’t express our gratitude enough for the overwhelming response and support for this cause. Each sponsor will receive a National Twilight Night Certificate of Appreciation to acknowledge the amazing support and generosity given.

Sponsors of the “Spread the Warmth” Campaign (for the homeless)

  • Amanda Williams
  • Amber Asbury
  • Amber Cutsinger
  • Amber Johnson
  • Angela Patrick
  • Cheryl Gafforini
  • Crystal Wooldridge
  • Danielle Pool
  • Debra Boretsky
  • Debra Boretsky
  • Diana Coale
  • Harold Fiene
  • Janice P Zawodniak
  • Jasmine
  • Javier Naylor
  • Jenny Baity
  • Judy Barefoot
  • Katryna Harris
  • Kimberly Harrelson
  • Lori Wright
  • Micki Andrews
  • Natalie Davis
  • Nina Hall
  • Paula Erbisch
  • Pauline Gruber
  • Ray Wescott
  • Regina Krush
  • Stephanie Wescott
  • Susanne Haire
  • Theresa Kusta
  • Tina Kraus
  • Tracie Wickersham


Sarah Baity, Director of Charity Contribution and Outreach, has done a phenomenal job coordinating the NTN charity campaign. The NTN organization has many more charity causes raise awareness for in the future.



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