National Twilight Night, Inc. – Forks Abuse Program Charity Event

Being present in Forks as a nonprofit organization; giving back to the Forks community was the ultimate accomplishment for National Twilight Night, Inc in 2015. It was a real honor to work with the Forks Abuse Program and organizing an event not to capitalize off the Twilight in Forks event, but to help the Forks community by giving Twilighters the opportunity to give back.  It was so incredible to meet and work with Ann Simpson, the Director of the Forks Abuse Program, and her staff, Maria Davila, Ronnisha Phillips, Amanda Ellis and Nicole Kniep. Their dedication, support and overall presence at the charity event was essential to the success of the event.  It was something about having the FAP staff present that affirmed the realization that NTN, Inc. was, in fact, operating their first “on the ground” (non-online) charity event and for a very important cause.

Taking place at the Forks Visitor and Information Center (VIC), the event’s atmosphere was absolutely fantastic with so many Twilighters surrounding NTN with love and support as they gave from their hearts to help with this important cause.  Twilighters swarmed the NTN-FAP event tables with bags and bags of items as they were willing, ready and able to give back to our utopia we know as Forks. With six plastic containers filled with all kinds of items such as soaps, lotions, deodorants, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, baby diapers, coloring books, crayons, children’s books, perfumes, hair sprays, nail polish, fragrances, bedroom slippers, wash clothes, underwear, bras, socks, jeans, shirts, jackets, hair clips, hair accessories, earrings, bracelets, toothbrushes, and much more. In addition to these items, Twilighters also graciously donated monetarily to the cause.  At the end of the event, $371 were raised for the Forks Abuse Program.

To participate in this special event, and as an incentive, all charity contributors and donors received a free raffle ticket for a chance to win some awesome Twilight inspired prizes, donated by NTN, Inc. sponsors and affiliates.  It didn’t matter how much money or how many items supporters donated to the cause as NTN, Inc. was more than thankful for whatever was given.  There were 21 winners who were recipients of the exceptional raffle prizes.  In conclusion of the event, Ronnisha Phillips with the Forks Abuse Program did the honor of drawing and announcing the winners.  Present or not, the NTN President and Vice President was responsible for tracking down these winners; making sure they received their deserved prize.

National Twilight Night, Inc. would like to personally thank the Forks Abuse Program for their partnership.  If nothing else, NTN, Inc. accomplished the objective of bringing awareness and support to the Forks Abuse Program mission of providing shelter, advocacy-based counseling, preventative services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Additionally, NTN, Inc. would like to thank the Forks Department of Commerce and the Forever Twilight in Forks staff: Lissy, April, Kelly, Jessica, and Adrienne.  And, NTN, Inc. would also like to thank Mr. Jack Morrissey for his incredible support for the NTN -FAP charity event.  He was very supportive as he frequently posted event reminders on the FTF group. And, last, but absolutely NOT LEAST ……. THANK YOU to all the donors who contributed and supported the event because without YOU this charity wouldn’t have been possible.

Photo Credit: Tammy Kalaitzis DiStefano


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